As many of different brands are struggling to be relevant not only in online stores but in customer mind. Customer’s engagement is not only a matter of a solo campaign, they will be as part of a main branding and P&L strategy.

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Dell as a computing company has a clear idea of what is the meaning of be relevant. When you name «Alienware» gaming computers comes to your mind, with top performance GPU’s and high quality parts that allow you to have the best experience not only in gaming industry but in design and performance activities. This is not a coincidence, its has been taken years of be tournaments sponsors and had the best of the best in performance, spend money in influencers, have promotions and have plenty idea of Google Shopping, Amazon retail strategies, distribution and retail credit allies.

But many of you will be asking, how to reach customers mind?. That will be easy, Ask them, or better listen them. Amazon let customers write a full review of all of their products. Nowadays if you want an honest review of a product you can see it through reviews or better, watch it in your favorite youtuber influencer. So that will be tricky, if nobody wants to review your product, nobody will want to buy it. Take it as it comes. If no one talks about your product (even in negative way) you are really doomed.

And what about analytics?. How to launch a brand new category or How to launch a new product with no background history in customers mind? A good metric is comparative, understandable and is a ratio or rate and change the way you behave. Experiment, they will help you to optimize product, pricing an market strategies, have an idea if a first Minimum Viable Product and set a goal of users, customers engagement, satisfaction, viral coefficient(how long it takes them to invite others) and revenue.

Our main goal is letting off customer paying «the benefit» instead of product. It’s difficult to reach because many of customers are not willing to experience something new. Only true enthusiastic people that many have been experimenting with many other brands and products. But digital marketing will be our best allie making an effort to set in customer mind with help of relevant content and SEO coding.

As more engaged is the customer that would be easier to sell your product not only to new customers but to life long customers that will let know other customers their experiences and stories, ending the sales cycle with more sales.

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